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You get what you pay for in mail and in team. Quality, professionalism, integrity, the steps in the road to the sale, motivation, attitude, drive, understanding, and work ethic are the foundation of Hopkins and Raines Inc.

Our History
HRI is owned and operated by previous dealers in the state of Texas. We currently work hand in hand with the two largest dealer groups in the nation.

The Car Guys
We are car guys, and we fully understand the mail business. We will not tolerate unethical business. We will drive traffic, close business professionally, and we will retain NET profit without worry of chargeback or CSI. HRI will willingly provide documentation to any client if mail or traffic is in question.

Our Business Ethics
We have not and never will claim to be the biggest or baddest. But we are the BEST! We will say happily that our retention percentage far exceeds that of any other company claiming the latest and greatest. Here at HRI, we have this business model in mind: Send more mail, and make more money. We make money providing a service in the showroom, versus on direct mail.

Our promise
HRI will not overpromise and under deliver, this is too typical in the car business today. As a client, you willunderstand what you pay for mail, understand where the mail is being sent, and most importantly, you’ll understand the effectiveness of the promotion. Everyone involved will understand that unethical business practices will not be tolerated, endorsed, or implemented.

A message from Scott Hopkins
Scott Hopkins has experienced all areas of the automotive industry and understands every aspect of today’s dealership. Scott started in the car business in 1994 and in 1997 moved to finance and became very knowledgeable about special finance. Scott continued to move up in the industry, and eventually in the year 2000, became an owner of the Pontiac, Cadillac, Nissan, and Mercedes franchises in Texarkana. Scott remained a dealer for over seven years. During Scott’s tenure he was in a NCM twenty group and his CSI was above 90%. Scott consistently lead the class in average per retail deal and obsolescence. Scott, with the aid of other like minded individuals and clients, has become very successful and reliableperfecting marketing, consulting, and sales campaigns for dealers across the United States. The reliability of HRI has allowed an average resign rate of over 90% in the last three years. Scott and his partners have one main focus.Increase net profit sales, and always look at every situation from a dealer or General Manager perspective. The result of this focus is an average Increase in net profit of over 30% per client as well as a substantial increase in service and parts sales.


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